Festival de las Calaveras is a volunteer-organized multimedia Latinx music and arts festival that’s centered on the traditional and contemporary celebration of Día de los Muertos (Day of of the Dead), an indigenous Mexican tradition which honors the memory of ancestors and departed loved ones, and the life cycle.

The festival is organized and presented by Tlalnepantla Arts, a community group founded in 2008 by Chicana artist Deborah Ramos. Tlalnepantla Arts’ mission is to create and present multiple art forms rooted in indigenous and traditional arts for the production of original works that promote cultural identities and transform community. 

The festival is composed of a series of events that take place annually in the fall and include live music, dance performance, puppet theater, visual arts exhibition, multimedia animation, spoken word, and family art-making activities. Festival events take place at leading Twin Cities’ venues, claiming and creating space for Latinx arts, artists, and community.